Can CBD Oil be an Effective Alternative Cure for Clinical Depression?

Feelings of sadness come and go throughout our lives. However, when this feeling of sadness becomes a part of your daily routine, then you might be suffering from clinical depression.

The recommended treatment for depression is seeking the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist. However, people who have gone through clinical depression claim that recovering from this illness depends more on changing your lifestyle than using prescribed medicine. Therefore, a holistic approach that includes meditation, regular exercise, and herbal treatments could be quite helpful.

At present, adding a dosage of CBD to your daily routine could go a long way to speed up recovery from clinical depression. Read on to gain a better understanding of how CBD oil can help ease your symptoms of depression.

A Brief Introduction to CBD

CBD is the compound that is extracted from cannabis sativa. It does not have any intoxicating or addictive properties since it is very different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Studies show that CBD is completely safe for consumption for human and pets. Currently, CBD products are sold internationally, and can even be bought from online wellness shops.

What Makes CBD Oil Effective for Treating Clinical Depression?

German medical researchers have concluded that the active chemical compounds in the CBD increase the production of serotonin by activating particular receptors in the brain.

The researchers further stated that CBD oil lessens the possibility of an epileptic seizure. CBD protects special neurons in the hippocampus. This area in the brain has been found to be affected by people diagnosed with clinical depression. CBD has also been found to be also very effective in regulating sleep patterns and acts as a mood stabilizer.

Best CBD Oil Treatment for Depression

Before you start using CBD to treat depression, please bear in mind that all CBD products are still considered natural health supplements. And it should be taken on a regular basis to get maximum relief.

It is important to note that CBD has not been proven to be a permanent cure for severe clinical depression. This means that CBD should only be utilized as a preventive measure for mild clinical depression.

How to Take CBD Oil on a Regular Basis

If you have finally decided to try out CBD as a way to alleviate the symptoms of depression, then taking it 2 to 3 times a day would be best. However, you cannot directly ingest more than 50 mg of CBD oil in a day. A higher dosage should be taken at least 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime for a night of good sleep. If you don’t want to directly administer CBD oil on your body, you can choose to buy CBD capsule from wellness shops.


While CBD is beneficial, it is true that more clinical research is necessary to improve our understanding of CBD and why it is useful for curing several medical conditions like depression and anxiety as well as neurological and heart diseases. It is advisable to consult your psychiatrist if you plan to use CBD to fight depression.

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